IBHS Arrives

IBHS Arrives

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The Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) regulations went into effect on January 17, 2021 after a one-year implementation period. Recently, the regulations have gone through some adaptations to address the clinical needs of children and families. One such change was the release of a bulletin outlining the approval to deliver 1:1 services for both ABA and Individual IBHS Services in a community or site-based setting, as well as the compatible billing codes.

These bulletins are both retroactive to January 17, 2021; the full bulletins can be found below.

As part of the ongoing IBHS implementation, the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) also released an updated IBHS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Guide. This guide represents a composite of updated inquiries regarding the standards and will be updated as a companion piece to the implementation.

RCPA continues its efforts to support our members in the IBHS implementation through its IBHS Work Group, including work to create an equal billing platform for the delivery of individual services like its ABA counterpart. For more information on IBHS, please contact RCPA Children’s Policy Director Jim Sharp.


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