Incident Management (IM) Trainings Available on MyODP

Incident Management (IM) Trainings Available on MyODP

ODP Announcement 22-070 announces the release of a new Incident Management (IM) training series on the MyODP website, which focuses on incident prevention and reducing recurrence of incidents.

The course is titled “Preventing Incidents” and is relevant for all stakeholders. This course contains a seven-part training that focuses on the general safety of individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability, using a person-centered approach to prevent future incidents, anticipating situations and recognizing potential signs of mistreatment, communicating what you know and elevating concerns, proactive vs. reactive risk mitigation strategies, developing effective corrective actions, using data to improve overall quality, and self-care, taking care of yourself while supporting others.

Upon completion of the webcast series and successful completion of the post-test, 2 hours of training credits will be awarded. Visit here for a link to the course, which contains the webcast series.


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