PA DHS We Can Work! Campaign

PA DHS We Can Work! Campaign

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Earlier this month, the Department of Human Services launched the We Can Work! campaign — an effort to educate the public about employment support and opportunities for people with disabilities and how DHS’ programs can help facilitate job connections and training programs.

The campaign also focuses on sharing the stories of people who use DHS services and have enriching employment while still maintaining supports through Medicaid. The campaign features Yasom and Josie, who both receive services and supports through DHS programs. Ads are running on social media and other digital platforms through early summer.

The We Can Work! website includes the following:

  • how people with disabilities can see if they qualify for Medicaid
  • employment supports for people covered by Medicaid
  • additional resources for people seeking employment
  • Josie’s and Yasom’s stories

If you have feedback or suggestions for the website, we welcome it so we can develop this resource further over time. If you have an employment story you’d like to share or other feedback, please email the DHS’ office directly.


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