Plan Your Team’s Attendance to the RCPA Conference: PD&A Service Providers Have...

Plan Your Team’s Attendance to the RCPA Conference: PD&A Service Providers Have 18 Great Reasons to Be There!

The RCPA 2023 Annual Conference A Decade of Unity is scheduled for October 10 – 13, 2023, at the Hershey Lodge. The sessions listed below are a sample of the sessions planned, and these include the opportunities to interact with DHS, OLTL, and Aging Department leaders. This will be further enhanced by the participation of current and prospective CHC-MCOs. Of course, a number of networking events with your peers, technology innovators, and vendors to improve your operations make these days a must-have for your agency! View the list below of planned sessions for your PD&A teams:

  1. State of the State: DHS Secretary Arkoosh
  2. Become a Destination Employer
  3. Moral Injury: Reframing and Repair
  4. Restrictive Practices Across the States: Strategies to Advocate for Change
  5. The Happy Valley FitLink Approach to Inclusive Wellness
  6. OLTL Updates and Quality Initiatives
  7. Driving Pennsylvania’s Health Care Transformation: Integrating Perspectives for Advanced Patient-Centered Care
  8. Value-Based Purchasing: A Survival Guide
  9. Beyond Accessibility: Diversity and Inclusion in the Disability Community
  10. Addressing the Workforce Crisis: Strategy and Policy Learnings From Four Organizations
  11. Enabling Technology: The Why, What, and How Needed to Make it Happen
  12. Leadership and Navigating Change (1 and 2)
  13. Getting Past the First Meeting to the Contract Negotiation
  14. Revealing the Potential of Smart Home Technologies for People With Disabilities Through Research and Resources
  15. Findings on Stakeholder Engagement for the PA Master Plan for Older Adults
  16. Reducing Health Disparities Through a Collaborative Approach to Value-Based Contracting
  17. Attracting and Retaining the Best Talent: Mitigating Bias in Hiring, From Sourcing Through Onboarding
  18. Independence and Wellness Through Employment

Use this link for quick, convenient online registration for the 2023 Annual Conference! You can view the brochure for the full schedule as well as the RCPA Conference website for further details. We look forward to seeing you in Hershey this October!

Fady is responsible for policy and regulatory matters related to Physical Disabilities and Aging, with primary focus on personal assistance, employment services, and service coordination. Emphasis is placed on engaging the Office of Long-Term Living and the Community HealthChoices Managed Care Organizations, coordination of care with Behavioral HealthChoices MCOs, and collaborations with other advocacy and provider associations. Fady is also the President / CEO of ProVantaCare, an RCPA-affiliated company focused on contracting with MCOs, and is the President of XtraGlobex, a consulting firm focused on Value-Based Payment contracting. He brings extensive experience in the advocacy and operations of human services providers in physical disabilities and aging, from his role at Liberty Resources, Inc., and his service with a number of nonprofit services providers. He earned an MBA in Marketing from The University of Tennessee and a PhD in Organizational Leadership from Capella University.