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RCPA Partners

Advanced Metrics

Software Development & Implementation

Advanced Metrics is a software as a service (SaaS) company that develops and implements software to meet the needs of human service agencies, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and businesses. Their HIPPA compliant, science-informed solutions empower community and health-based services with human-centered data collection and analysis. As a SOC2 certified Benefit Corporation (B-Corp), the multi-disciplinary team at Advanced Metrics adheres to a core set of values with the mission to improve lives and Make Data Human.

Advanced Metrics is offering QUALO Healthy Pathways software to support RCPA members as they navigate the challenges of maintaining COVID-19 compliance. QUALO Healthy Pathways is a comprehensive, web-based COVID-19 risk mitigation software designed to inform business operations and compliance efforts. Its distinctive workflow and combination of management strategies and reporting tools promote health, efficiency, and safety in the workplace. Advanced Metrics developed QUALO Healthy Pathways in collaboration with scientific advisors in the fields of occupational medicine, human resources, and business operations, which means it is designed with RCPA members in mind.

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Steven R. Herr, PhD
President and CEO

Kate Gallagher, MNM
Chief Operating Officer

Brown & Brown of the Lehigh Valley


Insurance Services

Brown and Brown of Lehigh Valley, Inc. is one of the largest and most respected independent insurance intermediaries in the nation, with over 62 years of continuous service. Brown and Brown offers RCPA members a discount on specified insurance products and services. Brown and Brown can offer coverage through the PCPA Workers Compensation Self Insurance Trust. This can give significant cost savings to RCPA member organizations with a strong safety culture.

John Ehresman, AAI
Senior Vice President/Insurance
& Risk Management Consultant

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Workers’ Comp Insurance

In 1992, members formed the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Dividend Trust (IDT), now a well-established group of clients that meet to review losses and recommend ways to improve as a group. For those RCPA members who qualify and seek to work with fellow members to reduce and mitigate losses, this is a great mechanism to control workers’ compensation costs.

Hearten (formerly known as the PARF IDT Workers Compensation Program) offers a pay as you go billing option; stable rates and competitive pricing; aggressive claims handling and medical cost management, high-quality loss control and risk management services and training; insurance company stability; peer-to-peer collaboration; and a social rehab facility subclass. Since 2002, the program underwriter has requested the approval of subclass code 5941 (Social Rehab Facility) for all headquarters staff of such facilities. Rates correspond to filed rates for code 953 (Clerical Office Employees). Without the subclass, the PCRB requires all employees, including office staff, to be included in class code 941.

Hearten is a member-owned captive program where policies are underwritten and issued by an “A” AM Best® rated insurance carrier – Eastern Alliance Insurance Group (EAIG). The program requires upfront collateralization, and is reinsured on both a specific and aggregate basis, to help protect members from additional costs due to exceedingly adverse claim experiences, either individually or collectively. Underwriting profit and investment income can be returned depending on the performance of the group and the individual member.

Program administrators: McConkey Insurance & Benefits — John Olkowski, CIC, CRM, AAI



Digital Mental Health Resources

myStrength is a digital behavioral health company that gives payers and providers the ability to extend care through evidence-based web and mobile self help resources to consumers. myStrength supports mental health and well-being through guided programs for depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, chronic pain, stress, and, soon, insomnia.

Charles Tepper
VP of Public Partnerships

myStrength website

PCPA Group Workers’ Compensation Trust


Workers’ Comp Insurance

The PCPA Group Workers’ Compensation Trust was formed in 1994 to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage to human services organizations in Pennsylvania. The trust is owned and governed by its members, under the leadership of a board of directors, elected by and from the trust’s participating employers. All professional contractors utilized for administrative services, claims management, risk management/loss control services, and reinsurance are selected by and report to the board of directors. The board also retains an insurance professional as the trust’s executive director to represent the board and the trust members’ interests in daily operational matters.

Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance, the trust now serves approximately 50 member organizations. RCPA members and non-members alike may apply for membership in the trust utilizing the broker of their choice. A non-refundable capital deposit is not required to join the trust. Organizations applying must meet actuarial and membership requirements designed to enhance the financial health of the trust.

The structure and practices of the trust assure an informed view of the needs of its members and their employees. The results are competitive rates, controlled costs, and personalized risk management to limit losses. For trust members, success translates into an ongoing solution for workers’ compensation insurance with possible return on invested contributions.

Scott Agar, CPCU, ARM, Principal Consultant
Bill Lehr, Executive Director

Relias Learning


Web-based Learning Opportunities

For more than 11,000 healthcare and human service organizations around the world, Relias continues to help clients deliver better clinical and financial outcomes by elevating the performance of teams. We help organizations across the continuum of care get better at maintaining compliance, developing staff, and promoting consistent, high quality care. Our online platform employs assessments to reveal specific gaps in skills and addresses them with targeted, personalized, and engaging learning – choosing from over 7,000 online courses that are vetted to meet accrediting board, state, and federal requirements.

Let us help you get better – Visit Relias.com for more information.