SAMHSA Accepting Applications for 2022 CCBHC Grants

SAMHSA Accepting Applications for 2022 CCBHC Grants

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) announced it is now accepting applications for grants to expand the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) model. There are new two grant opportunities this year with different eligibility parameters:

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic – Planning, Development and Implementation Grants (CCBHC-PDI) are available to clinics that are new to the CCBHC model (i.e., clinics that have not been certified as CCBHCs by their state and have not previously received a CCBHC expansion grant). This funding opportunity is designed to assist grantees as they develop and implement a CCBHC that meets CCBHC certification criteria. Qualified applicants must be able to meet the requirements of a CCBHC within the first year of the grant.

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic – Improvement and Advancement Grants (CCBHC-IA) are available to CCBHCs that have been certified by their states or received previous CCBHC-Expansion grants and are designed to support current CCBHCs as they expand or improve their CCBHC services. Qualified applicants must be able to demonstrate compliance with CCBHC certification criteria through state certification or SAMHSA acceptance of CCBHC certification attestation within the past two years.

Key highlights of these opportunities include:

  • The amount of the grants for both awards will be $1 million per year for four years.
  • Applications for both grants are due Tuesday, May 17, with an anticipated project start date of Sept. 30, 2022.
  • $156 million is available for each funding opportunity ($312 million total), which will fund an anticipated 156 grantees under each grant (312 total).
  • CCBHC Expansion grant recipients that received funding under CCBHCs Expansion FOA (SM-21-013, with funding announcements made in 2021) are not eligible to apply for funding under these opportunities.

This year’s grant announcements include a number of changes from prior years’ grants, including changes to attestation timelines, required and allowable services, data collection and reporting, use of grant funds and more. The National Council is compiling a summary of all changes that will be available soon.

SAMHSA is hosting informational webinars on these funding opportunities.

We encourage interested organizations to apply for this opportunity. More information about the CCBHC model is available on our CCBHC Success Center website. Implementation support is also available from our partners: innovaTel TelepsychiatryMHRRG and NegleyMTM ServicesNetsmart and Relias.


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