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Upon return to session this fall, Representatives Thomas Mehaffie and Thomas Murt intend to introduce legislation to create a professional licensure for behavior analysts. The goal is to have Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) recognized as an independent profession in Pennsylvania.

The Better Access to Treatment (BAT) Act proposes to promote an increase in behavior analysts working in Pennsylvania. In addition, it proposes to improve access to treatment for people struggling with substance use disorders and chronic mental illness, among other health issues. The act will set a minimum training and experience standard for licensed professionals within the ABA field. It also proposes a Behavior Analyst Oversight Board to protect the public and consumers, administer disciplinary action, and license new professionals.

The proposed legislation is endorsed and supported by the ABA in PA Initiative, a 501(c)(3) non-profit advocacy organization made up of parents, industry professionals, and lawmakers dedicated to ensuring access to ABA. RCPA is a member of ABA in PA and is committed to informing our members about the new legislation. More information can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions document and the Talking Points document.

Questions? Please contact Jack Phillips or Robena Spangler.

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The Department of Human Services (DHS) is implementing a number of measures related to services for children and adolescents with behavioral health needs. The full text of their announcement is available for review and a summary of key elements of the DHS action plans are highlighted below:


Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS)

  • Concentrating efforts on the development of appropriate regulatory guidance for BHRS.
  • Established a work group that will review existing policies, bulletins, and data that will be used to draft the regulations by November 2016.


Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

  • Developed a two-year action plan to enhance access and quality of ABA services.
  • Will develop new requirements for the training, qualifications, skills, and experience of practitioners.
  • Issued bulletins clarifying the training requirements for TSS workers and newly licensed behavior specialists who use BSC-ASD services to provide ABA.
  • Issued a bulletin that provides guidelines to assess the medical necessity of ABA.


Behavior Specialist Licensure

  • Will send out guidance to accredited colleges and universities that are interested in developing graduate-level coursework or programs.
  • Will provide guidance for students on how they can satisfy the coursework and experience requirements while working towards their degree.