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ANCOR Call for DSPs to Share Their Message


We want to engage with you to showcase how DSPs have demonstrated their commitment, strength, and creativity during the pandemic, in a way that also advances our advocacy to obtain more funding for I/DD supports during the pandemic. We seek to spotlight specific examples of DSPs going above and beyond during the pandemic on social media under the banner of the #ForgottenFaces campaign, to keep our message compelling that DSPs are frontline health care heroes for whom Congress should break its stalemate. If you are interested in sharing examples with us, please email my colleague Lauren Middleberg. She will follow up with you to learn about what your DSPs are doing, and coordinate with you to get a photo. We will do all the work of devising the social media post and putting it up afterwards, to respect your time as much as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance!

Doris Parfaite-Claude
Federal Advocacy and Research Manager
American Network of Community Options and Resources
Alexandria VA
703-535-7850 (108)