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APA Extensions Crucial for Care of Vulnerable Populations

As the September 1, 2020 date approaches for the HealthChoices BH-MCOs to declare their intentions on the continuation of the Alternative Pay Agreements (APAs), RCPA is releasing the Member APA recommendations.

These recommendations were formulated through a member survey which represented RCPA member programs that serve thousands of Pennsylvania most vulnerable citizens.

RCPA APA Recommendations

  • All BH MCO APAs be extended to December 31, 2020, at a minimum;
  • A uniform APA reconciliation process across all BH-MCOs;
  • Provider engagement in future APA rate discussions;
  • Revised APA rate calculations based upon 2020 service delivery; and
  • Development of quality indicators for future performance-based rates.

RCPA and its members applaud the HealthChoices BH-MCOs and OMHSAS’ financial response at the onset of the pandemic by creating Alternative Pay Agreements (APAs). It is RCPA’s hope that all BH-MCOs will continue to pay the APAs to providers, to ensure continuation of the multitude of services being delivered under Governor Wolf’s Disaster Declaration.

RCPA will continue its work with all stakeholders to ensure that providers are able to continue to meet and treat the needs of all consumers and families.