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Blitz Media Design workshop retention and recruitment

The Recruitment and Retention Workshops that were originally scheduled as in-person events to occur at RCPA in Harrisburg tomorrow (Thursday April 16, 2020), have been postponed and will be held in June. The workshops will now be held via Zoom so that attendees will not need to travel or attend in person. Scott and Craig de Fasselle from Blitz Media Design have a great deal of experience in presenting on this platform and assure us that this format will be very effective for this workshop.

Craig and Scott de Fasselle are the father/son team who presented two webinars for RCPA members on these subjects. Many of our members who participated in the webinars found them to be helpful and thought-provoking. Now is the opportunity to dive more deeply into the topics that are so important to attracting and keeping the staff so critical to our work. Attendees will get a mix of group exercises, individual exercises, and presentations all geared to attracting applicants, improved on-boarding and training experience, and building positive agency culture in order to maintain your best employees.

See video previews below of what attendees get out of our recruiting and retention workshops:

We are offering two sessions, on two different dates:

**If you are already registered to attend one of the original sessions, and you want to attend Session One, you do not need to do anything.

**If you are already scheduled to attend one of the original sessions, and you want to attend Session Two, please contact Tieanna Lloyd.

**If you are registered to attend one of the original sessions and now need to cancel your registration, please contact Tieanna Lloyd.

Registration is open for both sessions.

  • Registration Cost for RCPA members is $89
  • Registration Cost for Non-members is $119

For any questions regarding the workshops, please contact Carol Ferenz.