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ODP Announcement 22-064 shares information regarding an online learning opportunity about Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) offered through TechOWL. AAC Essentials is an online learning opportunity designed to increase your understanding of AAC.

There are four courses, each for a different audience:

  • Supports Coordinators;
  • AAC Users;
  • Family, Friends, and Direct Support Professionals; and
  • Administrators and Leaders.

Each course offers short lessons ranging from operating and troubleshooting AAC to encouraging AAC. In each lesson, there are buttons for you to ask questions and speak to a Speech-Language Pathologist from TechOWL directly.

These courses are free. Once the course is completed, participants will receive a certificate of completion. All lessons can be explored without completing the course. Training may be accessed through the TechOWL website.

The Arc of Pennsylvania is offering Employment Discovery training September 7–9, 2022. This 3-day training provides a comprehensive overview of Discovery (an alternative to traditional vocational assessments) and instruction on facilitating the Discovery process. For those seeking to become certified providers of Discovery through Marc Gold and Associates, it is the prerequisite face-to-face training to complete certification. Individuals not seeking certification will gain valuable information and insight and may attend as auditors of the course.

This course is for:

  • Job Coaches and Job Developers;
  • Supports Coordinators;
  • Parents and Families;
  • OVR Counselors;
  • Transition Coordinators; and
  • School Transition Teams.

Auditing — $200
Certification — $1200

Visit The Arc of PA and complete the online registration form for Discovery.
Questions? For more information, please contact Anthony Chan.

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ODP Announcement 22-056 is to communicate that registration for the July – December 2022 Certified Investigator (CI) Initial Certification Course classes (also known as cohorts) is now open on MyODP. The Initial CI Certification Course was created to ensure that all incidents requiring an investigation receive a systematic review that meets established standards. In order to perform investigations, the investigator must successfully complete all requirements of the CI Initial Certification Course.

Due to continued concerns regarding COVID-19, the July – December 2022 CI Initial Certification cohorts of the course will be provided virtually rather than in person.

To register for the CI Initial Certification course:

  1. Log into your MyODP account.
  2. Go to the Certified Investigator Initial Certification Course Information web page.
  3. Visit the Registration web page.

If you do not have a MyODP account, visit the MyODP login web page and follow the instructions under “Is this your first time here?” If you are not sure if you have a MyODP account, contact MyODP Support or Kiyona Duncan. For assistance with registration, contact Kiyona Duncan. For questions regarding course content, contact Amanda Black.

Today we were joined by Joseph MacBeth and Dan Hermreck from the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals to learn about the E-Badge credentialing program for Direct Support Professionals. As many providers of IDD services are developing plans to use ARPA funds to assist DSPs in becoming credentialed, NADSP wanted to share the information about their established program. The slideshow from the presentation is available here.

You can also learn more about the E-Badge Academy at their website. During the webinar Joe referenced the document “Moving From Crisis to Stabilization,” also found on their website.

If you were unable to attend the webinar and are interested in viewing the recording, contact Carol Ferenz.

The National Alliance for Direct Support Professional’s Joseph Macbeth, President and Chief Executive Officer, & Dan Hermreck, Director of Certification & Accreditation, will be joining RCPA members to discuss NADSP’s program for advancing the professional role of DSPs while we have the opportunity in Pennsylvania to utilize ARPA funds to assist in this effort.

We are hosting the webinar Friday, April 22, 2022, from 10:00 am–11:00 am to discuss how NADSP can help your organization. You can register for the event here.

The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals firmly believes that “quality is defined at the point of interaction,” and therefore the knowledge, skills, and values of direct support professionals are the key to providing quality supports. This webinar will explore NADSP’s credentialing program, known as the E-Badge Academy, through which the organization has attempted to measure these three components of quality and recognize DSPs who provide high quality support. The E-Badge Academy allows DSPs to earn electronic badges by describing how their work is consistent with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Core Competencies and the NADSP Code of Ethics. You will learn how it all works, including best practices, successful implementation, outcome measurement, and return on investment.

If you have any questions, please contact Carol Ferenz.

ODP Announcement 22-029 serves to announce an opportunity for providers to have a staff person(s) participate in a virtual certification program with the goal of receiving a Work Incentives Practitioner credential.

Please complete an application for the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) to get to know your organization and to measure your interest and commitment in having a staff person(s) receive the Work Incentives Practitioner credential and enrolling with ODP to provide the Benefits Counseling service. Applications must be submitted by email to Laura Cipriani no later than April 1, 2022.

ODP Announcement 22-002 announces that those who achieved Quality Management (QM) certification/recertification during calendar year 2020 are due for recertification by December 31, 2022. Recertification training modules, materials, and the post-test can be accessed beginning January 10, 2022. Be sure to log in to MyODP first to gain full functionality of the website and complete the recertification process

Questions about the ODP Quality Management Strategy, QM Certification program, or other questions related to quality management can be sent via email to ODP QM.

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Licensing, Certification, and Incident Management Conducted by the Departments of Human Services, Health, Drug and Alcohol Programs, and Aging

The Departments of Human Services, Health, Drug and Alcohol Programs, and Aging regulate a variety of health and human services providers in order to protect the health and safety of Pennsylvanians. Among the regulatory activities, they license or certify providers and conduct incident management, as required by state and federal law. The departments are currently reexamining processes to identify opportunities for coordinating efforts in order to streamline the licensing, certification, and incident management process and increase efficiencies for providers and the commonwealth, while maintaining and enhancing the quality of licensing and certification activities of the providers they regulate. As part of this process, they are seeking input from stakeholders of the Departments of Human Services, Health, Drug and Alcohol Programs, and/or Aging on the following questions. These questions are focused on providers, but feedback is welcome from advocates and other stakeholders. Please send responses via email by Monday, April 30, 2018.

  1. Which of the following commonwealth agencies do you interact with for licensing and certification: the Departments of Human Services, Health, Drug and Alcohol Programs, and/or Aging? Please identify the specific license or certificate types you have.
  2. Which of the following commonwealth agencies do you interact with when you must report an incident that took place at your facility/agency: the Departments of Human Services, Health, Drug and Alcohol Programs, and/or Aging? This could include incidents required to be reported per licensing regulations, or home and community based (waiver) programs.
  3. What works well in interacting with multiple commonwealth agencies on licensing, certification, and incident management activities?
  4. What challenges do you experience in interacting with multiple commonwealth agencies on licensing, certification, and incident management activities? If possible, please identify whether the challenges are caused by statutory or regulatory requirements, policy or operational guidance, or agency processes or technology.
  5. What opportunities do you see for the commonwealth to streamline your experience interacting with multiple commonwealth agencies on licensing, certification, and incident management activities?

This is a major opportunity that can’t be missed. The work being done by the departments is what RCPA and its members have been advocating for over many years. We currently have an administration willing and able to make significant changes. Members are asked to provide as much detail as possible in your responses.