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ODP Announcement 23-035 announces that an updated Certified Investigator Peer Review Manual (CIPR) is now available. Agency Board of Directors and Human Rights Committee members, Agency Administrative, Management and Risk Management staff, Administrative Entities (AEs), Supports Coordination Organizations (SCOs), Supports Coordinators (SCs), Direct Service Providers (DSPs), and Contracted Entities that are responsible for participating in the Peer Review process for investigations that are conducted as a requirement under Incident Management Bulletin 00-21-02 and under Chapter 6100.404 Final Incident Report should all be familiar with the information contained in the manual.

All prospective and current Certified Investigators (CI), Administrative Review Committee members, and other administrative staff are required to be familiar with the 2023 CIPR Manual to ensure their understanding and use of the standards and protocols contained in it. In order to align with Incident Management (IM) Bulletin 00-21-02 (effective on July 1, 2021) and the Enterprise Incident Management (EIM) system, several new or expanded topics have been added to the manual. This document replaces the manual that was published in 2021.

If you have any questions regarding the 2023 CIPR Manual or Peer Review process, please contact Taniqua Robinson of Temple University via email.

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) communication 19-029 announces that the Certified Investigation Training Programs Vendor, Temple University of Harrisburg, has established a Quality Investigation Unit (QIU). This unit will be conducting Certified Investigation Peer Reviews (CIPRs) of investigations completed by department certified investigators.

The QIU will be involved in several activities:

  • Complete CIPR for a sample of investigations;
  • Complete ad hoc CIPR upon request;
  • Provide education and consultation regarding the CIPR process; and
  • Provide technical assistance upon request.

The QIU will notify the entity when an investigation has been selected for review and detail the process to securely send case files electronically. Once the CIPR is completed, the QIU will provide feedback regarding the investigation review to the entity and will answer any questions. The results will also be shared with ODP.

For information regarding how to request a CIPR, visit the ODP website under Peer Review Requests.