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The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) has launched a web page detailing the Behavioral Health Commission for Adult Mental Health. Among other information, the page includes a list of the 24 commissioners, dates for upcoming commission meetings (which are open to the public for both in-person and remote participation), and an email address for those interested in attending the meetings.

The commission will next meet at 1:00 pm, September 1, in Dauphin County at a location to be determined.

Act 54 of 2022 established the Behavioral Health Commission for Adult Mental Health as an interdisciplinary body comprised of leadership from state agencies, communities around Pennsylvania, and the behavioral health field as well as individuals with lived experience with behavioral health.

The legislature appropriated $100 million of American Rescue Plan Act funding for adult mental health programs. Per Act 54 of 2022, no funding shall be expended until enabling legislation is enacted by the General Assembly. The Commission shall produce a report with funding recommendations.

Visit the BH Commission for Adult Mental Health website.