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Community Mental Health Services Block Grant Application

The FY20-21 Community Mental Health Services Block Grant (CMHSBG) is now available for public comment. The CMHSBG is federal block grant funding to assist states in providing community-based services to adults with Serious Mental Illness and children with Severe Emotional Disturbance. This application provides a review of the current strengths and needs in the Pennsylvania Mental Health System, plans priority areas for improvement, and was developed in consultation with the Pennsylvania Mental Health Planning Council.

The CMHSBG outlines four target criteria that set forth the strategy for service planning and implementation:

  • Criterion 1: Comprehensive Community-Based Mental Health Service System;
  • Criterion 2: Mental Health System Data Epidemiology;
  • Criterion 3: Children’s Services; and
  • Criterion 4: Targeted Services to Rural and Homeless Populations and Older Adults.

Public comments will be accepted on this application through August 2, 2019, and we request your comments also be forwarded to your RCPA policy director.

Any comments or questions regarding this application can be sent to Kayla Sheffer or call 717-705-8167.