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Complex Care Certificate

We all know that hiring and retaining workforce is challenging and that more is being expected of our employees across the spectrum of health and social care providers.

The Complex Care Certificate is a comprehensive introduction to the essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to provide complex care, including client engagement, care planning, trauma-informed care, and team-based practice. The Complex Care Certificate consists of nine self-paced, online courses that teach frontline health and social care staff how to build relationships to best support people with complex health and social needs. This new certificate is a first of its kind and provides comprehensive, high-quality education on a range of topics related to working with clients with complex health and social needs. The Camden Coalition has designed the program to be taken by teams and include a host of team activities. 13 CEUs are available upon completion.


  • Complex care teams in heatlh care, social services, or other settings;
  • Frontline staff who are new to this work or are looking for a fresh perspective;
  • Anyone who works with people with complex health and social needs; and
  • Students who want to go into complex care or learn more about it.

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