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Available here is the Office of Children, Youth and Families (OCYF) Bulletin 3130-19-04 entitled, “Serving Child Victims of Human Trafficking (CVHT) in Pennsylvania.” The purpose of this bulletin is to inform county and state officials; public and private children, youth, and family service agencies; children’s advocacy programs; community-based domestic violence programs; rape crisis centers; and stakeholders of the federal and state statutory requirements, to ensure a multidimensional and interdisciplinary plan and approach to the identification, protection, and provision of comprehensive and coordinated services for child victims of human trafficking. This bulletin has a number of attachments, including the “Practice Guide to Serving CVHT in Pennsylvania,” which provides detailed information related to Commercial Sex Trafficking of Children, Standards of Practice for Serving CVHT, Children Who are Missing From Out-Of-Home Placement Settings, Collaboration, and Advocacy and Legal Considerations.

Questions regarding this bulletin should be directed to your OCYF Regional Office. You may also reach out to Ms. Treasure Gallagher, Human Services Program Specialist in OCYF’s Bureau of Policy, Program and Operations. If you have any further questions, please contact RCPA Children’s Division Director Jim Sharp.