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DDAP provider designations in PA

RCPA sent this information out previously; however, the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) has reported that there was very little response. This information is critically needed as DDAP advocates for support for services provided. Members have been providing some services that are costly but never reimbursed; DDAP is working to rectify this. Please complete the survey ASAP — Your input is needed, thank you.

Below is the request from DDAP:

Dear SUD Treatment Provider,

With the current transition to ASAM, DDAP and DHS are working to establish provider designations for 3.5 and 3.7 levels of care. To accomplish this, providers of residential services were asked to complete a survey to provide information necessary for this designation process. However, a large portion of providers did not complete the requested information. This will impact those of you who contract (or plan to contract) with an SCA or BH-MCO. Therefore, it is imperative that a survey be completed for each licensed facility delivering these levels of care.

Below are two links for the same survey. If you have difficulty accessing the survey using one link, please try the other; however, complete only ONE survey per licensed facility.

If you have already completed the survey as a result of the two prior requests to do so, please DO NOT complete it a second time. If you are receiving this email, but are not the person within your agency who would be responsible for completing the survey, please forward it to the appropriate person. Preparation is already underway to notify those providers who have already responded. It is the responsibility of the provider organizations to complete this information in order to receive a level of care designation by the state. Thank you for your attention to this request.

Please contact RCPA Drug and Alcohol Division Director Lynn Cooper with questions.