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DDAP Recovery Housing Timeframes Updated

The Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) has heard concerns related to funding individuals’ stays in recovery housing beyond the 180-day timeframe described in DDAP’s Treatment Manual. Currently, not all Single County Authorities (SCA) fund recovery housing. However, DDAP understands that the circumstances related to the current COVID-19 health emergency may result in the need for individuals to reside in recovery housing for longer than 180 days, and as a result, they are temporarily suspending the 180-day limitation on funding for the duration of the disaster emergency. If you are providing services to an individual who may need more than 180 days in a recovery house, please work directly with your contracting SCA to determine whether funding can be continued. In all instances, SCAs and their contracted providers must still ensure that all stays in recovery housing are clinically appropriate and that there are no other eligible sources of funding available.