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DRAFT WIOA Performance Reporting Policy Public Comment

Pennsylvania’s DRAFT Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Performance Reporting Policy is posted on the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry website for public review and comment. Public comment is open through Friday, August 14, 2020 at 12:00 pm. Please submit comments via email.

This policy identifies the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, or WIOA, primary indicators of performance, and how they apply to the programs delivered under WIOA titles I and III. This policy establishes procedures for local workforce development boards to negotiate and reach agreement with the commonwealth on LWDA levels of performance for the primary indicators of performance for Title I and Title III. This is a new Pennsylvania workforce system policy.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this correspondence, please contact the Bureau of Workforce Development Administration Policy Coordination Unit. Comments received during this period will be addressed before the policy is finalized, published, and placed into effect.