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Employment Law Webinar

Who thought managing a work force could get more interesting? COVID-19 has changed how we live and work. This year, GKH’s employment law Attorneys Jeff WorleyLindsay O’Neil and Ian Brinkman will be presenting the 2020 breakfast remotely. Throughout the pandemic, GKH’s attorneys have brought you up to date information. This year’s seminar will of course address COVID – there is no getting around it. But there are a lot of other things going on in the employment law arena.

We invite you to bring your own breakfast, and join us for a free Zoom webinar with updates on current employment issues, including:

  • Productivity, engagement, and other issues with remote employees
  • Mental health concerns and the ADA and the FMLA
  • Recent and notable court decisions
  • Title VII as it pertains to sexual orientation and gender identity

Pre-registration is required for the Zoom webinar. Please be advised that some portions of this seminar will be recorded and posted on the internet for viewing by the general public. By preregistering, you consent to your participation in the seminar being included as part of the recording that will be posted on the internet following the seminar.