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ODP would like to remind Enterprise Incident Management (EIM) users of an upcoming change to the EIM system relating to the identification of targets. Effective Monday, May 1, 2023, when the selection in the “Target Relationship to the Individual” drop down is Another Individual or Provider Staff Member, the format of the target identifier must be as follows: the first two initials of the first name, first two initials of the last name, and last four digits of the SSN. All initials must be capitalized and there can be no spaces, dashes, or other characters between the initials and the digits. For example: AOBR1234.

The requirement to identify targets using this format has been in effect since the publication of Bulletin 00-21-02 Incident Management.pdf (pa.gov). Please see pages 15–16 of this Bulletin for information on identifying targets. Previously, the system allowed for targets to be identified with a variety of formats. This change was announced in the HCSIS Release 90.15 Newsletter on March 31, 2023. HCSIS Release Newsletters can be found under the HCSIS Communique link in the HCSIS Learning Management System (LMS). For targeted technical assistance or questions, please contact your ODP Regional Office or send inquiries via email.

ODP Announcement 21-074 shares the information that on Saturday, September 11, 2021, the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) released enhancements within the EIM system. Please see the accompanying attachment, Enterprise Incident Management Enhancements Newsletter, for a complete listing of the recent enhancements.

Live question and answer sessions will be hosted from October through December specific to recent enhancements and the use of the analytic dashboards. There will be separate Question & Answer (Q&A) sessions for Provider and SC/County users. These sessions will be held multiple times, and users only need to attend one session of the type. Attendees are encouraged to view the pre-recorded webcasts prior to attending the sessions. All of these sessions are currently available on the Home and Community Services Information System Learning Management System (HCSIS LMS) for registration. Please see the announcement for details.