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Fiscal/Employer Agent

Photo by Markus Winkler from Pexels

The purpose of this message is notify stakeholders of updates related to the transition of Financial Management Services (FMS) in the Community HealthChoices (CHC) program. During the FMS Stakeholder meeting held May 13, 2021, the Office of Long-Term Living (OLTL) informed stakeholders that FMS was being transitioned from an OLTL-contracted vendor to an administrative function of the CHC Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).

At the most recent FMS Stakeholder meeting held June 28, 2021, the CHC-MCOs announced that Tempus Unlimited, Inc. will be the new statewide Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent (VF/EA), with HHA eXchange as the software solution, supporting FMS in the CHC program. The VF/EA will perform fiscal-related functions for the successful operation of participant direction under the CHC program. OLTL will continue to engage stakeholders as we move forward with the transition.

Please contact via email with any questions.