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On March 14, 2016, the House Energy and Commerce Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee convened a forum on the state of the knowledge relating to the causes, effects, and treatments of concussions. The forum featured input from experts representing the medical, military, athletic, and research communities with a goal of building a collaborative body of knowledge to help improve the diagnosis and treatment of concussions. Included in the opening statement by Honorable Tim Murphy, Chairman of the Subcommittee: “Today, we begin a new chapter in the national dialogue on concussions. We are not here to re-litigate past actions, point fingers or cast blame. We are here to take a step back, to gain some perspective and to begin a conversation focused on solutions, not on problems.” And most importantly, “We are also here today to make one thing clear – this is not just a sports issue or a military issue. This is a public health issue…That is why we are here today – to ensure we are on the path, though it may be long, to providing the public the answers they deserve.”

The list of participants and webcast of the forum are available on the Energy and Commerce Committee’s website.