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A little known, but vital provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), provides free health insurance for former foster youth. These young adults are eligible for Medicaid until age 26, regardless of their income, provided they were in foster care at age 18 or older and also enrolled in Medicaid. An estimated 6,000+ young adults in Pennsylvania may be eligible for this coverage, but only about 900 have signed up for it. Many former foster youth have substantial health care needs and are very unlikely to have insurance. Pennsylvania’s Juvenile Law Center (JLC) has developed materials to help community providers reach out to and inform current and former foster youth that you may be serving in your programs.

Visit the JLC website to download flyers and other informational resources on the ACA provision. View and share the JLC’s 30-second public service announcement on free health insurance for former foster youth.

May is Foster Care Month. What better time to help foster youth get the vital health care that all young people need? If you have any questions or want more information, contact Jenny Pokempner at JLC.