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Free DSP EVV Training Video

A new training video is available to help providers deploy electronic visit verification (EVV). Designed for your caregivers, the training video covers clocking-in and out, using Activity Codes, and, importantly, how to use self-service to document missing EVV records for the data aggregator using EVV Reason Codes as well as how a caregiver can check their schedule, confirm a shift/visit, and request an open shift/visit.

The video covers smartphone and telephone use. Most of the information covered applies to any staff using time and attendance in any program. It is encouraged to share with all staff. Send this link to your caregivers.

MITC has released important EVV related content published in 2021. Download the publications to learn more!

Agency Workforce Management offers two EVV solutions: EVV Basic and myAttendance. Both are affordable, easy-to-use, and proven by hundreds of other providers to be effective and enjoyable for caregivers to use.

  • EVV Basic is a low-cost but comprehensive solution for providers who want compliance at minimum cost and little deployment complexity. Providers can start with EVV Basic and add options now or later.
  • myAttendance is a broader EVV solution including documentation, payroll, billing integration and more.

To discuss your needs with an EVV Specialist, email myMITC.

Download the below eBooks & Fact Sheets to learn more:

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EVV Basic
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