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Frustrations mount as many retail pharmacies struggle to meet the needs of the providers they work with and the consumers they serve.

Fluctuating hours, long lines, and cancelled appointments are just some of the barriers consumers face, while providers encounter lapses in communication with vital partners in patient care.

A New York Times article recently detailed the retail pharmacy crisis driven by both staffing shortages and increased demand. Because many consumers are struggling to get the medications they need, providers have adjusted their prescribing methods – filling a 90-day supply for what used to be a 30-day supply, for example – to ensure their consumers can stay on track.

Amid this crisis, clinics who partner with Genoa Healthcare® are finding even more benefit in having a reliable on-site pharmacy team. When a local pharmacy chain closed their doors in Oregon, nearby retail chains became flooded with prescriptions to fill in the community. People trying to get their medications were met with long wait times and miscommunication from pharmacy teams they had never met.

Understanding the challenges in her community, Genoa Pharmacist Shuga Knopp reminded her partners at the clinic that her team could fill all the medications consumers and staff needed.

“I wanted them to know that they wouldn’t have trouble getting their medications from my team at Genoa,” Knopp said. “We’re consistent and we care.”

Knopp and her team continue to develop personal relationships with their consumers, ensuring they can provide the best support for their medication needs.

“People were more frustrated with their pharmacies than they had ever been, and their pain points felt preventable,” Knopp said. “They’re just so happy that they can count on us, and that we actually answer the phone when they call.”

As demand for behavioral health care continues to increase, Genoa pharmacy teams also lighten the burden for their partners’ staff by assisting with prior authorizations, taking on medication-related challenges, and being a resource for consumers in between their appointments. These services result in a more integrated care team and better outcomes for consumers.

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