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Head Trauma

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently published the following reports in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation that examine and address gaps in traumatic brain injury (TBI) surveillance, including concussions that occur in youth sports.

Many concussions and other TBIs are first treated outside of emergency departments, suggesting that surveillance systems that rely only on hospital datasets are undercounting the true number of these injuries in the United States. CDC’s National Concussion Surveillance System (NCSS) Pilot used a random-digit-dial telephone survey to collect information on concussions and other TBIs. In addition to gathering data on more than just hospital-treated TBIs, the CDC report also describes a new tiered case definition with rising levels of certainty that a concussion or other TBI occurred based on the number and types of symptoms reported.

Additional information can be obtained from the CDC’s TBI website.