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In concert with the Pennsylvania Office of Advocacy and Reform, HEAL PA, United Way of Pennsylvania, and Collectively Rooted are working to help Pennsylvania residents become more trauma aware and have practical tools to identify and address the trauma in their world.

Join us for this upcoming summer series about building a trauma aware Pennsylvania – free to all residents in the state and open to everyone for personal and professional growth. We invite you to join some of the world’s leading experts on trauma to learn:

  • Where and how trauma appears in our lives and communities;
  • What happens when we experience trauma;
  • The role of community in healing; and
  • How we can heal ourselves and support healing in others.

Learn more and pre-register by creating an account at Resilient PA today! If you already have an account, you will be notified when the training is live!

Register today!

If you have questions, please contact RCPA Policy Director Jim Sharp.

RCPA is pleased to support and celebrate Pennsylvania’s participation in the #WeHealUS national campaign during Mental Health Awareness Month.

#WeHealUS is a grassroots campaign that honors May as Mental Health Awareness Month by amplifying the hard work of individuals, organizations, and local/state governments building resilience and healing. Nationwide, more states and municipalities are embracing trauma-informed and healing-centered policies and practices because resilience grows through healthy and informed relationships.

#WeHealUS was the brain child of stakeholders in Illinois and Pennsylvania — pioneering states that have become “healing-centered” with public and private partnerships working outside the box to promote trauma awareness. The Illinois Light Initiative has launched an Illinois Healing Capacity Building Center to unify trauma education, training, and programming. HEAL PA is an innovative mix of state agency representatives and community stakeholders tasked with implementing the Trauma-Informed PA Plan across the commonwealth. #WeHealUS is further supported by the national Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice (CTIPP).

Take a look at the Pennsylvania calendar of #WeHealUS activities as well as the #WeHealUS campaign toolkit for this month. We encourage everyone to share this information widely with your networks, as the events are open for all to attend! Sample social media posts are included in the toolkit.

RCPA remains an active member of the Heal PA trauma-informed initiative. You can contact RCPA Policy Director Jim Sharp with any questions or comments regarding this initiative.