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Housing Barriers

The Office of Long-Term Living (OLTL) is announcing a series of 60 minute live, interactive webinars on housing issues. In addition to targeted content, the live webinars feature Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions with housing experts and OLTL staff. This training is targeted to Service Coordinators and other Managed Care Organization (MCO) and Service Coordination Entity (SCE) support staff who assist program participants in securing and maintaining affordable, accessible housing.

The live webinars build upon information already provided in Online Housing Training Modules and Inglis’ Prepared Renter Program (PREP) Curriculum so participants have a more comprehensive view of housing-related issues. In addition, the live webinars identify go-to resources and what they cover so they can be easily referenced in the future as needed.

There are four topic areas, each offered twice between December 7, 2021 and December 16, 2021, with morning and lunchtime options:

Webinar 1: Understanding and Navigating Throughout Housing Nuances

  • 8 Housing-Sector Nuances
  • 5 Key Partnerships to Cultivate
  • 2 Main Pathways to Housing Resources

Webinar 2: Funding Sources and Clarifying Common Affordable Housing Pitfalls

  • 6 Kinds of Funding Sources
  • 3 Concepts to Understand About Affordability and Income-Based Eligibility

Webinar 3: Must-Have Housing Resources and Resources for Those with Complex Housing Barriers

  • Top 6 Housing Resources
  • Top 4 Complex Housing Barriers

Webinar 4: Keeping Participants’ Housing With Landlord Engagement Techniques

  • Speaking the Landlord Language
  • Benefits of Maintaining Tenants

For details on webinar dates and times and to register, please visit the OLTL Housing Webinars registration page.