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From the Office of Developmental Programs:

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) will be renewing all existing exceptional residential rates for individuals who have a current NEA, approved through 12/31/22, for the second half of the fiscal year. Providers should ensure that all individuals with exceptional rates have a current Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST).

This extension will require a critical revision to the individual’s ISP. The rate segment has been entered into PROMISe and is available for use. Please work with Supports Coordinators and Administrative Entities to ensure the ISP is updated and approved.

Thank you,

Rick Smith  l  Director
PA Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Programs
Bureau of Financial Management and Program Support
625 Forster Street Room 412, Harrisburg, PA 17120

ODP Announcement 22-116 releases updated protocols for the Health Risk Screening Tool. The accompanying document is an update to the previously released protocol for HRST. It contains information regarding expectations, timelines, and reflects changes in the process since the initial protocol was distributed. Additionally, it provides guidance regarding roles and responsibilities for those expected to use the tool.

Assistance can also be obtained by contacting HRST support and HRST Assistance.

ODP Announcement 22-058 announces the launch of the Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) survey to assess interest in linking data systems to the HRST. Please assist the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) in completing this survey, as it will help to determine providers’ level of interest in linking existing data systems to the HRST.

This is an inquiry survey only and is intended to gauge provider interest. The survey should only take a few minutes to complete. Linking existing data would enable select data fields to autofill with data from these data systems on a routine frequency, thus reducing the amount of duplicate data entry.

The criteria for this service are outlined in this survey; please review the criteria carefully. You may need to consult with your IT personnel or your data system representative(s) to help determine if your agency can meet these criteria. This data import option would only be available to providers who meet all of the criteria listed. This survey will remain open for responses until Friday, June 10, 2022.

ODP Announcement 22-041 announced that as of May 1, 2022, a new web-based eLearning version of the Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) Advanced Rater Training (ART) will become available. With the release of this eLearning course, the webinar-based version will no longer be offered. Advanced Rater Training is the follow-up course for raters who complete the foundational HRST Online Rater Training and for nurses wishing to become clinical reviewers. Additionally, an Advanced Rater Training FAQ is available.

Thursday, March 17, 2022
10:00 am–4:00 pm

This live GotoWebinar training is designed for RN/LPNs (where allowed) who will be completing the HRST Clinical Review. This training is REQUIRED to complete the Clinical Review. The purpose of this training is to help nurses assigned to completing the Clinical Review do so more accurately. All times are EST.


  1. Successful completion of the HRST Online Rater Training
  2. Must be an RN/LPN

Additional Info

IntellectAbility does not provide certificates of attendance.
CEUs are not offered for attending this webinar.
Users MUST be logged in and active for >5 hours in order to receive the Clinical Reviewer role. This is tracked by GoToWebinar. Do not share your link with others.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
10:00 am–2:30 pm
EST, with 30 minute break for lunch.

This live webinar training is designed to help raters learn more about screening with the HRST and how to do so more accurately. This training is highly recommended for ALL users of the HRST, as the accuracy of the HRST screening is essential in determining actual and potential risk.

Completion of Online Rater Training. This must be done prior to registering for this course.

Additional Info
IntellectAbility does not provide certificates of attendance. No CEUs are being offered for attending this training. All times are EST.

**When registering, if you do not see your agency name under the “client” section, look for your state, then your agency name will appear in the “provider agency” section.

ODP Announcement 19-134 is specifically directed to Residential Providers. The Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) is a web-based instrument used to detect health risks and destabilization early and to prevent deaths among members of vulnerable populations. The announcement lists the dates and locations of the Clinical Reviewer sessions scheduled for November. Lunch is “on your own.” All sessions run 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

HRS, Inc., in collaboration with the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is announcing face to face HRST training for clinical reviewers. This is a reminder that this is the FINAL OPPORTUNITY for 2019. An email containing a link to register for the sessions will be sent directly by HRS, Inc. The sessions for Clinical Reviewers are open to registered nurses (RNs) only. These Clinical Reviewer sessions are mandatory for any RN who will perform clinical reviews. Providers should ensure that RNs who will perform the clinical reviews plan to attend one of the sessions in November if they have not already participated in one of the sessions held in August, September, or October.

To participate in the face to face training, you must have completed the HRST online rater training (ORT). Please see ODP Announcement 19-052, Health Risk Screening Tool Implementation, for information about the online training.

Clinical Reviewers will receive registration information directly from HRST online but may also contact them via email for any questions concerning the training or registration information.