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Impact of Unemployment Compensation on Nonprofits in Pennsylvania

RCPA has been collaborating with the Pennsylvania Association for Non-Profit Organizations (PANO) on a few issues over the past several weeks. One of those issues is how unemployment compensation is affecting RCPA members and other nonprofits. RCPA and PANO staff have spoken and are working together on this issue. To help nonprofit organizations around the unemployment compensation issue, PANO has created the following outline of what nonprofits can do to assist RCPA and PANO in this endeavor.

What You Can Do

  1. Read the Unemployment Compensation Case for PA Nonprofits.
  2. If you did not pay the solvency fee, consider calculating what your solvency fee would be (see What You Should Know section of this summary for the formula) and also what your unemployment compensation would be at 100% and 50% for the first six weeks of your COVID-19 impact – so the numbers are comparable to those in this case.
  3. Reach out to members of your Pennsylvania delegation in both the Senate and the House with this message:
    • Extend the period of benefit for reimbursable employers to any employment claims resulting from COVID-19 – including and beyond the weeks of the COVID-19 disaster emergency declared by the governor.
    • Open a period of 90–120 days for nonprofits who have not paid the solvency fee to pay the solvency fee, which would then allow all nonprofits to be held harmless for 100% of unemployment compensation claims resulting from COVID-19.
    • And use your own numbers calculated in Step 2 to make your individual case to your representatives.

PANO and RCPA are interested in collecting more data, so please consider sharing your data with Jack Phillips.