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ISAC August 2023

The Information Sharing and Advisory Committee (ISAC) met on August 15, 2023. ODP staff shared several updates, including Deputy Secretary Ahrens. The public comment period regarding the Selective Contracting Concept Paper ended July 10, 2023. The Residential Strategic Thinking Group (RSTG) meetings are scheduled through September, and ODP intends to issue a survey to assist in developing performance measures and baselines. ODP will publish the 1915(b)(4) application and any accompanying 1915(c) amendments for public comment prior to submitting to CMS. The PowerPoint presentation reviewed at the meeting can be found here.

Self Advocates United as 1 (SAU1) presented a tribute to Carolyn Morgan, who was an inspiring self-advocate who encouraged many others to speak for themselves. SAU1 has developed a Fellowship program in memory of Carolyn, and is seeking support for this program, including financial. For additional information on this fellowship, please reach out directly to SAU1.

ISAC/ODP strategies to address the following areas were reviewed during the meeting:

#1:   Assure Effective Communication;
#2:   Promote Self-Direction, Choice and Control;
#5:   Promote Health, Wellness and Safety;
#7:   Develop and Support Qualified Staff;
#8:   Simplify the System;
#9:   Improve Quality; and
#10: Expand Options for Community Living.

View the 2022 ISAC Annual Report.