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The DHS Licensing Administration wishes to provide important information about procedural updates related to the issuance of renewal Certificates of Compliance. In August 2022, the renewal process was updated to require the Civil Rights Compliance Attestation (HS2125) be submitted together with the renewal application to Licensing Administration. Feedback with this procedure change has been favorable.

In reviewing their procedure for issuing the renewal Certificates of Compliance, the Licensing Administration has found that a significant number of providers request changes to their licenses after a renewal has been issued but before the current license expired. This adds an increase in processing time, as the administration then must revise the unexpired license and reissue the renewed license. As a result, it slows down the process to issue the other renewals in queue. Therefore, the procedure has changed. The renewal Certificates of Compliance will not be issued until the current Certificate of Compliance is within 30 days of expiration. This procedural change will better facilitate the timely and accurate issuance of renewal Certificates of Compliance.

Below are a few reminders:

  • The Bureau of Equal Opportunity no longer issues an approval letter after submission of the Civil Rights Compliance (CRC) Attestation (HS2125). The renewed Certificate of Compliance verifies that the CRC Attestation (HS2125) was accepted/approved.
  • The Civil Rights Compliance Attestation (HS2125) can be found here.
  • Licensing Administration frequently uses email for communication, including emailing of the Certificate of Compliance. Therefore, Licensing Administration must be notified of email changes. The renewal application should also include current email addresses.
  • When contacting Licensing Administration, please include the following in the subject line of the email: REASON – AGENCY/FACILITY NAME – LICENSE/CERTIFICATE NUMBER. The reason can be RENEWAL, QUESTION, REQUEST, REVISION, etc.
  • The contact information for each Program Office served by Licensing Administration is as follows:
    • Office of Children, Youth and Families (OCYF): Email | 717-787-9763
    • Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS): Email | 717-703-0006
    • Office of Long-Term Living (OLTL/BHSL) – Personal Care Homes & Assisted Living Residences: Email | 717-705-0382
    • Office of Developmental Programs (ODP): Email | 717-787-6958
    • Licensing Administration Director: Email | 717-705-6954