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HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania Gov.-elect Josh Shapiro and Lieutenant Gov.-elect Austin Davis held a news conference Wednesday to announce the first steps in the transition to their incoming administration.

Outgoing Gov. Tom Wolf joined Shapiro and Davis for the announcement at the state Capitol in Harrisburg.

Shapiro and Davis will be sworn in on Jan. 17. The transition team will include executive director Akbar Hossain, who was the policy director on Shapiro’s gubernatorial campaign, and communications director Manuel Bonder, who was Shapiro’s campaign press secretary. Directing the inauguration will be Amanda Warren, who served as finance director on the campaign.

Shapiro also announced a transition website, shapirodavis.org, encouraging Pennsylvanians to learn more about the inauguration and to apply for roles in the new administration.

Shapiro is currently the state attorney general, and his term ends in January 2025. The governor will nominate someone to fill out the term, and that person will need Senate approval. The first deputy will take over the duties of attorney general until the position is filled.

Currently a state representative for the 35th District, Davis was reelected to that office in last week’s election while he also ran for lieutenant governor. A special election will be held to replace Davis in the state House.