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Making A Determination

ODP Announcement 21-075 provides information regarding a new webcast for members of Human Rights Teams (HRT) and Human Rights Committees: “Making A Determination.” With the release of Bulletin 00-21-01 Guidance for Human Rights Teams and Human Rights Committees, the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) released a 4-part webcast series titled “Human Rights in Depth” to provide information and support for stakeholders involved in implementing the guidance and requirements related to individual rights and restrictive procedures.

The four webcasts, which are available on MyODP, provide detailed discussion regarding the responsibilities to inform, the strategies to support people to exercise their rights, the ability to make a determination, and human rights teams and human rights committees. Following up on those webcasts, ODP is now offering members of HRTs and HRCs webinar training to delve more deeply into the process of “MAKING A DETERMINATION.”

Use the following link to register. A demographics information form and training confirmation will need to be completed before the registration link will become available.