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Our friends at Greenspace Health and the Yale Measurement-Based Care Collaborative (MBCC) have launched a new MBC knowledge hub.

The ongoing partnership between Greenspace and the Yale MBCC has been an exceptional opportunity for us to engage in insightful MBC discussions and education. In fact, the three-part MBC education series saw attendance from almost 1500 clinical leaders and clinicians.

Throughout the course of the series, Greenspace led engaging sessions with the Yale MBCC, shared insightful content, and delivered many Q&A style videos in order to support anyone looking to learn more about MBC. From research to implementation, its use in practice, and the overall impact MBC is having on the quality of care across North America — there were remarkable learnings and information shared by the experts at Yale.

Today, Greenspace and the Yale MBCC have launched a comprehensive educational hub where you can explore videos, articles, and insights shared from the Yale MBCC team, all in one place.

The Yale MBC Collaborative Knowledge Hub is now live for you to explore and learn from. Be sure to check it out.