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Money Follows the Person Funding Changes

ODP has issued a Communication Memo regarding changes in Money Follows the Person (MFP) funding for Start-up and Transition activities. MFP has historically offered one-time start-up funding to providers, to help defray costs associated with transitioning individuals from inpatient settings, as well as funding for supports coordination transition activities for up to 180 days prior to the person’s move. MFP funds have been exhausted and may no longer be used for these purposes.

There may still be funds available for start-up costs through non-MFP sources, and Ms. Agnes Rudolf, Fiscal Officer, should be contacted for questions regarding start-up funding.

Providers involved in transitioning individuals from the Hamburg State Center should continue to work with Mr. Jarred Ebert, Statewide Transition Coordinator, for matters relating to these individuals.

Supports Coordination Organizations should bill Targeted Services Management funding for transition activities as defined in ODP Bulletin 00-16-01.