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ODP Announcement 19-146

ODP Announcement 19-146 provides an update regarding provider use of the HRST and training participation. ODP established the ambitious goal of completing screenings for the over 14,000 individuals in residential services over a 12-month period. ODP established benchmarks for a timeline for providers to complete screenings based on the individual’s need level. ODP is grateful to all stakeholders who have contributed to the screening process thus far; a great deal of effort has gone into the implementation of this important initiative. The use of the HRST is already enhancing the health and wellness of individuals, and the sooner that screenings are completed, the sooner the individual will benefit from this process.

To date, completed screenings have fallen behind the established benchmarks; however, screenings are continuing to increase weekly. As of October 29, a total of 1,617 individuals have been screened. 1,043 of the anticipated 2,754 individuals with Needs Level 7 have been screened. 2,555 people have completed the Online Rater Training and 1,358 are in the process of completing.

The number of registered nurses who have completed the face to face Clinical Reviewer Training is also lagging behind anticipated goals. This training is necessary to complete the Clinical Reviews on individuals who score a Level 3 or higher for the Health Care Level (HCL). As communicated in ODP Announcement 19-134, there is one final round of trainings for Clinical Reviewer remaining for 2019. All residential providers are expected to use the HRST.

ODP will continue to monitor provider progress closely to ensure that screenings occur in a timely manner and expects compliance on the tool’s use. As of this time, ODP is not pursuing enforcement activities, recognizing providers that are making a good faith effort to implement and utilize the tool. Contact Carol Ferenz, RCPA IDD Division Director, with questions.