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ODP COVID-19 Provider Information Tool

ODP Announcement 20-024 provides information regarding the implementation of an online resource for providers (including SCOs) providing ODP services within the ID/A waivers and the Adult Autism Waiver (AAW), to capture important information related to COVID-19 planning.

This online COVID-19 Provider Information Tool is designed to gather service specific information related to the impact of this emergency on providers. Specifically, the purpose of the tool is to:

  • Collect information about potential risk to service(s) and service closures that will help guide future decision making.
  • Create a supplemental record for the purposes of retroactive approvals, documentation, and payments.

The tool was designed to take approximately 7–10 minutes to complete. Once complete, an email will also be sent to the provider for your record. Providers can make multiple submissions to the tool as emergency plans change and new situations arise.

ODP will be reviewing information collected in real-time and reporting daily to regional offices, while working with Administrative Entities to mitigate risks and support providers.