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ODP Incident Management Bulletin July 2021

The Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is pleased to announce the release of Bulletin 00-21-02: Incident Management Bulletin. This bulletin has been released prior to the effective date for stakeholders to begin to understand the Incident Management (IM) operating procedures and guidelines. This Bulletin will be effective on July 1, 2021. Also released with this bulletin are Attachment 1: Victim’s Assistance Programs, Attachment 2: IM Regulation Crosswalk, and Attachment 3: DP 1081, Incident Report, for use when provider is unable to access the EIM system.

Pennsylvania continues to be at the forefront of IM and takes pride with continuing to ensure the IM policies and procedures reflect a new and innovative approach to protect and promote the health, safety, and rights of all individuals. With this said, the Incident Management Bulletin was developed to help stakeholders understand how to operationalize the IM policies and procedures as well as to give interpretation of the IM regulations found in 55 Pa. Code 6100.401-405. The Incident Management Bulletin was created with significant stakeholder input ranging from in-person meetings across the state to the public comments received when the Bulletin was released as draft. This bulletin describes:

  • Uniform practices for building organizational polices and structures;
  • Guidelines about responding to incidents;
  • How to report and investigate incidents;
  • How to take corrective action in response to those incidents, and how to implement quality management, risk management; and
  • IM processes for the analysis of the incident data.

As communicated in ODP Announcement 21-020, there are two webinars that are scheduled for stakeholders to attend. These webinars consist of the Incident Management Introduction Webinar related to the IM process and the Incident Management Overview Webinar that expands on the Introduction webinar. Please reference the communication to register.

Questions about the bulletin’s implementation or contents may be directed to the appropriate ODP Regional Office or to ODP’s Incident Management Unit.