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ODP Incident Management Bulletin Webinars

ODP Announcement 21-020 informs stakeholders of upcoming webinars regarding the soon to be released Incident Management (IM) Bulletin. ODP will be releasing the new IM Bulletin on March 1, 2021, and following the release, ODP will be presenting IM webinars as part of a larger training series that pertains to the bulletin and IM practices.

ODP will host two webinars as part of an IM training series. As part of this series, the first two webinars that are open for stakeholders to register are titled the Incident Management Introduction Webinar and the Incident Management Overview Webinar. The overall goal of the IM training series, including the webinars, is to ensure the standardization of knowledge, concepts, and operational practices identified in the IM Bulletin to protect and promote the health, safety, and rights of all individuals.

The content of the IM training series meets the Orientation and Annual Training requirements specific to recognizing and reporting incidents as indicated in 55 Pa. Code Sections 6100.142 and 6100.143. IM requirements are identified in the following 55 Pa. Code Chapters:

  • 6100 (All services);
  • 6400 (Community Homes);
  • 6500 (Life Sharing);
  • 2380 (Adult Training Facilities); and
  • 2390 (Vocational Training Facilities).

Additional trainings and webcasts as part of the larger IM training series related to the IM bulletin will be released in the near future. The upcoming topics will include recognition and reporting as well as how to respond to an incident.

Due to the importance of these webinars and the number of stakeholders that will be impacted by this IM Bulletin, each webinar will be repeated three times on three different days (three times for the Incident Management Introduction Webinar and three times for the Incident Management Overview Webinar) with the same content. Therefore, ODP is requesting stakeholders to only register for one Incident Management Introduction webinar session and one Incident Management Overview webinar session, due to the number of stakeholders who will need to participate. One recorded session of each webinar in the series will be made available on MyODP for future viewing.

For registration for the first two webinars, see ODP Announcement 21-020.