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ODP Proposed Fiscal Year 21/22 Budget

Deputy Secretary Ahrens presented information regarding the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) proposed budget recommendations for state fiscal year (SFY) 21/22 at the Medical Assistance Advisory Committee (MAAC) meeting on March 25, 2021.

Highlights included:

  • The budget for SFY 2021/22 provides $2.23B in state funds for ODP. Including federal participation and augmenting revenues, the total budget for ODP services is $5.04B.
  • The budget reflects an increase of $177.3M in state funding, a 7.95% increase from SFY 2020/21.
  • $13.9M to provide home and community-based services for an additional 732 individuals on the emergency waiting list during SFY 2021/22 in the Community Living Waiver, and an additional 100 individuals with emergency needs in the Consolidated Waiver. Includes reserve capacity for 20 children with medical complexities in each waiver (begins 3/1/2022).
  • $828K in savings associated with a new outcome-based payment for successful residential transitions from 6400 group homes to life-sharing or supported living for up to 20 individuals during SFY 2021/22 (begins 1/1/2022).

The full PowerPoint presentation is available here.