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The Office of Children, Youth and Families (OCYF) is pleased to announce that it is providing training of the child welfare placement services budget documentation review process for Private Providers and any interested County Children & Youth Agencies (CCYA). The purpose of the FY 2019–20 training is to assist Private Providers and CCYA in completing the budget documents for the purposes of determining maximum levels of expenditure eligible for Federal Title IV-E and State Act 148 financial participation. Training will be provided at three regional locations and will encompass information related to those entities with the following licensures:

55 PA Code Ch. 3680
55 PA Code Ch. 3700
55 PA Code Ch. 3800
55 PA Code Ch. 5310
55 PA Code Ch. 6400
55 PA Code Ch. 6500

We are grateful for the organizations which have kindly agreed to host the FY 2019–20 Child Welfare Placement Budget Documentation Training. Training in each region will be held at the following locations and dates from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm:

CENTRAL:    Monday February 4, 2019
Pennsylvania Child Welfare Training Program Center
403 East Winding Hill Rd.
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

WESTERN:   Wednesday February 6, 2019
George Junior Republic in Pennsylvania
233 George Junior Road
Grove City, PA 16127

EASTERN:      Friday February 15, 2019
Glen Mills Schools
185 Glen Mills Road
Glen Mills, PA 19342
Lunch will be available for purchase (Cash Only)

Reservations will be accepted beginning Thursday January 10, 2019. Seats will be reserved on a first come-first served basis until capacity is reached at each training location; a maximum of two attendees from each entity may be permitted.

OCYF strongly encourages each participating entity to send one representative with fiscal expertise and another representative encompassing expertise in the program(s) services.

*** Please keep in mind when making reservations, it is imperative that those representatives attending for either Private Provider or CCYA are the contacts responsible for completing budget documents or engaged actively in the Title IV-E/Act 148 reviews, respectively. ***

To RSVP, please email via the OCYF Contracts Resource Account (ra-ocyfcontracts@pa.gov) as follows:

(1) CCYA or Private Provider Name,
(2) identify the training location and
(3) the number of attendees (1 or 2)

(4) Name(s) of attendee(s),
(5) include functioning e-mail address(es),
(7) indicate if any special accommodations are needed.

Please see an example below:

OCYF Child Welfare Placement Budget Documentation Training
OCYF appreciates your valued efforts as they hope to continue this growing process toward consistency and overall quality each year.
Contact Robena Spangler, RCPA Children’s Division Director, with questions.

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The Pennsylvania Children and Youth Administrators Association (PCYA) is hosting a training on The Family First Prevention Act (FFPA) on January 30, 2019, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm at the CCAP Office, located at 2789 Old Post Road, Harrisburg, PA. The Office of Children, Youth and Families will provide an overview of Family First and update attendees on Pennsylvania’s implementation plans moving forward. Providers and county staff are encouraged to attend.

The Act and the federal funding associated with it will dramatically change PA’s child welfare system. New requirements and new opportunities for use of Title IV-E and Title IV-B dollars to enhance prevention efforts will be included in the presentation.

The registration link is provided in this flyer.

If you have questions about the training, please contact:

Brian C. Bornman, Esq.
PCYA Executive Director
County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania
Phone: 717-836-4736 | Cell: 717-836-4267 | Fax: 717-526-1020
bbornman@pacounties.org | www.pcya.org

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The Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) Unit of Service Payment Rates and Programmatic Changes Bulletin is now available for viewing. This bulletin rescinds and replaces the payment chart on page 3 of the Office of Children, Youth, and Families (OCYF) Bulletin 3350-17-01, titled Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network Unit of Service Payment Rates and Programmatic Changes, and replaces the unit costs on page 84 of OCYF Bulletin 3140-18-03, titled Fiscal Year 2019-20 Children, Youth and Families Needs-Based Plan and Fiscal Year 2018-19 Implementation Plan Instructions. The programmatic changes outlined in OCYF Bulletin 3350-17-01 remain in effect, with an exception to the finalization unit of service.

The new SWAN payment rates established in this bulletin were developed as a result of actual cost and time data submitted by SWAN affiliate agencies from January 2017 – December 2017. The new rates apply to all services referred on or after July 1, 2018. Any services referred prior to that date will be paid at the existing rate.

As a reminder, cost adjustments for SWAN units of service will be determined by the Office of Children, Youth, and Families on an annual basis, and communicated in an annual SWAN Unit of Service Payment Rates Bulletin, as well as in the annual Needs-Based Plan and Budget Bulletin. Established rates will be based upon actual cost and time data submitted by SWAN affiliate agencies to the SWAN prime contractor.

If you have any questions about the bulletin or payment rates, please contact Carrie Keiser.

The Office of Children, Youth and Families (OCYF) has compiled the responses from the survey conducted on the Child Protective Services Law (CPSL). Many of the questions that were posed in response to the survey are answered through the following handouts, as well as on the state’s CPSL website. Members are strongly encouraged to review the website and handouts.

The OCYF is coordinating with Bureau of Human Services Licensing to host a webinar for providers in November, in order to address questions on CPSL and provide further clarification. Additional details for this webinar will be available in the near future. After your organization has reviewed the materials provided, please send any additional, unanswered questions you may have to Nicole Good at OCYF by Friday, October 9, 2015. These questions can then be addressed during the webinar.