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Open Enrollment

The Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs announced an open enrollment period at the end of 2022 for licensed substance use disorder (SUD) treatment providers in Pennsylvania to submit their information to be included in the Addiction Treatment Locator, Assessment, and Standards Platform (ATLAS). This open enrollment period has been extended through January 13, 2023.

Those who can take advantage of this extension include:

  1. Facilities already included in ATLAS. Providers already enrolled and needing to make changes to their profile information should contact Shatterproof directly.
  2. Facilities that have not submitted the treatment facility survey. Shatterproof will reach out directly to licensed SUD facilities that are not currently included on the tool. There is a streamlined submission process for those organizations with multiple facilities.

By completing the ATLAS survey during this open enrollment period, providers ensure that the information presented in their site’s profile on the ATLAS website is accurate. Providers also gain access to a customized portal that allows them to benchmark and compare their services against their peers. Contact Angad Buttar with questions or to have the treatment facility survey resent to your agency.