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PA Act 18 Approved for Fingerprinting Relief

In an effort to provide temporary relief for individuals in need of FBI fingerprinting as part of the Child Protective Services Law, Governor Wolf has approved legislation — formerly HB 360 and now ACT 18 — that allows temporary fingerprinting flexibility where Identogo sites are not available. In a phone call today with the Office of Children, Youth and Families (OCYF) Planning Committee, it was discussed that OCYF expects to release the guidance this week with some noted limitations as outlined below.

Existing Employees – Have until December 31 to get fingerprints for those whose checks have expired since March 2020. Still need PSP and Child Abuse Checks completed.

For new employees, if you have not been a resident in PA within the past 10 years, you must also provide Child Abuse clearances from prior states of residence. New hires also sign a disclosure statement (attestation form).

New hires have until December 31, or 60 days from end date of state of emergency as directed by Governor Wolf, to get fingerprinting done. Individuals must still make reasonable efforts to complete checks at your local Identogo site if it is open.

Further direction and comment will be forthcoming from RCPA after the OCYF guidance is released. If your agency or staff are having difficulty in obtaining fingerprints, or if you are looking for Identogo mobile sites or resources, please contact RCPA Children’s Director Jim Sharp.