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Part 2

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) and the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) are pleased to announce that the latest edition of the Positive Approaches Journal is now available!
Sexuality and Social Connectedness Part 2

Factors like high rates of abuse, neglect, sexual assault, and domestic violence, coupled with the need to develop healthy relationships, impresses the importance to educate and support individuals in the areas of healthy relationships and sexuality. The articles in this second edition of Sexuality and Social Connectedness aim to further explore gender roles, definitions, and education and their impact on those with disabilities. By enhancing our understanding of these areas through appropriate supports and education, we hope we can help to build a community with meaningful and healthy connections, foster healthy sexuality, and continue to move towards best practices for the individuals we support and serve. This issue of Positive Approaches Journal is in digital form, available for viewing online or for downloading.

To print a copy of the PDF, online journal, or a specific article, you will find these options within your left navigation bar on any Positive Approaches Journal page. A new window will open with your selected document. In your browser, you may click the Print button in the top left corner of the page, or by using the Print capability within your browser.

Please submit feedback regarding your experience with the Positive Approaches Journal on MyODP, or by clicking on the feedback image on MyODP within your left navigation bar on any Positive Approaches Journal page.

The Positive Approaches Journal is published quarterly. For additional information, please contact ODP Training.