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Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care (PCHC) is hosting their first in-person Health Fair since the pandemic on May 18, 2023. There will be an array of physical and behavioral health vendors with interactive activities for individuals, families, and caregivers in the IDD, DD, and Autism field.

The event will be held at the Rivers Casino at 1001 N. Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia from 9:00 am – 12:30 pm. There will be breakfast, music, activities, and demonstrations. See the flyer for additional details.

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What is Long COVID?

Most of the time when people get COVID-19, they get better within a couple weeks. But sometimes, people who had COVID-19 continue to experience new or ongoing symptoms for a month or even longer. This is considered long COVID-19.

Still Coughing After COVID-19?

Cough is one of the most common presenting symptoms of COVID-19, along with fever and loss of taste and smell. Cough is the second most common persistent symptom after having the COVID-19 infection, followed by fatigue. The cough can persist for weeks or months after the infection. The stigma associated with coughing has magnified during the pandemic. The American Lung Association notes, “The most common symptom that signifies healing is a lingering cough because coughing is your lung’s way of sweeping out dead cells.”

Ways to Help Control Your Cough?

  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking small amounts of liquid during the day.
  • Soothe your throat by drinking warm liquids such as tea with lemon and honey.
  • Suck on throat sweets if you feel yourself about to cough (you can buy sugar free options).
  • Blow your nose if you have a runny nose (try not to sniff).

One thing that can help with your recovery is increasing blood flow into the lungs by exercising your lungs. Start with gentle physical exercise like walking or biking, gradually increasing the duration and intensity of the activity. It’s always a good idea to contact your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

PCHC offers COVID-19 updates and resources on our website. Visit here for more information.

Date: March 8, 2022
Time: 10:00 am–11:30 am
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This training on COVID-19 will be a joint effort between PCHC’s nursing and behavioral health departments.

During this training, we will be discussing the history of coronaviruses, including the different variants we have experienced. We will touch on the following: common signs/symptoms of COVID-19 in general and some variant-specific signs/symptoms, including what is known about long COVID; the medical impact of COVID on each body system; and its effects on behavioral health. In addition, we will discuss vaccines and treatments. Information on how to find credible sources of news will be presented and how the loss of trust in science has evolved and contributed to the pandemic.

Pat Abbott, BSN, RN, Community-Based Nurse
Kimberly Thomas, Integrated Health Systems Navigator

During this training, Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care (PCHC) will talk about relationships: what they are and what they look like. PCHC will define sex and intimacy as well as discuss the difference between sex and sexual health. PCHC will increase your knowledge of unhealthy relationships and what to do if you find yourself in one.

After this training, attendees will increase their understanding of relationships along with resources to provide further information related to sexuality and intellectual disabilities.

Presenters include Interim Director of Nursing Karen Boyce, RN, CDDN, and Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Director of IDD and Mental Health Supports Nicholas DeMarco, Psy. D.

The webinar will be held on December 16, 2021, from 10:00 am–11:30 am.

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