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Preventable Death

ODP Announcement 22-108 serves as an update to “Required Provider Qualification (PQ) Training on Common Health Conditions That May Be Associated with Preventable Deaths.” ODP added a new provider qualification to the Consolidated, Community Living, and Adult Autism Waivers for residential services. All provider staff who will spend any time alone with a participant during the provision of residential services must complete a “Department approved training on the common health conditions that may be associated with preventable deaths in people with an intellectual or developmental disability.” This applies to provider staff that are direct employees of an agency, contracted employees of an agency, or volunteers.

A list of Department approved trainings to meet this requirement is available at MyODP. This page lists each organization with currently approved training(s). The approved training(s) that must be completed for the organization are listed next to the “details” bullet underneath the organization. To meet the qualification requirement, staff are required to complete approved training(s) through one organization listed.

ODP will now allow Fatal Five trainings developed by residential provider agencies to be used if the training has been reviewed and approved by their regional Health Care Quality Unit (HCQU). To ensure content is clear, comprehensive, and adequately covers each condition, the HCQU Registered Nurse (RN) for that specific provider agency will review the training according to the guidelines provided by ODP.

Questions relating to this announcement may be directed to the ODP Provider Qualification Unit for Consolidated and Community Living Waiver providers. Adult Autism Waiver providers should send questions here.