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The following request is for licensed Chapter 6400 Residential Providers only.

The Department of Human Services has a critical need for updated vaccine uptake information as a result of the recent increase in COVID-19 cases and availability of boosters. We need your help to gather this important information. Please complete this brief survey by 5:00 pm on Monday, February 14, 2022.

This survey is part of a larger effort to obtain a point-in-time view of the vaccination rate of staff and residents in all 6400 Residential Community Homes licensed by DHS. For the number of staff, please use the count for those currently employed and who work within the licensed residential setting(s) operated by your agency (even if they might not come into direct contact with individuals receiving services).

We realize that you have provided this information in the past and appreciate your ongoing cooperation in stopping the spread of the virus. You will note that this survey is much shorter than previous versions and should not take a great deal of time to complete. Please respond by agency, not licensed home.

For any questions regarding this survey, please contact ODP via email.

Thank you for your support in our ongoing fight against COVID-19.

Survey Link

A message from ODP to Residential Providers:

ODP has recently learned that residential providers need additional support and access when recruiting Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). Recruitment of CNAs for residential facilities which have a medical focus could be a valuable staffing resource. ODP can assist providers to overcome obstacles in order to achieve appropriate staffing.

The PA Department of Health’s (DOH) Long-Term Care Facility division oversees the CNA registry program. ODP outreached to DOH to get clarification on the requirements, and the DOH explained that PA does not certify nurses’ aides, but the CNA Registry is utilized to meet the CMS mandate for the long-term care facilities. A common challenge, “community homes,” are not listed as qualified facilities, which is required for a CNA to maintain inclusion on the CNA Registry. Despite this challenge, providers may request to be added to the registry, especially in cases where the homes have a medical focus.

How to get enrolled?

To be added to the CNA Registry, providers can send requests directly to DOH, Stephanie Kirkpatrick. The following information must be included with requests to be considered:

  • Name of the provider
  • Contact information
  • Copy of the CNA Job Description
  • Description of the nursing oversight as required by DOH

If approved, the provider will be notified and will be added to the CNA Registry. Providers who have a medical focus and nursing oversight are encouraged to apply for inclusion in this registry.

Thank you for your continued efforts.