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RFA for Enrollment Broker for Community Based Long-Term Care Services

Today, the Department of Human Services (DHS) issued a Request for Application (RFA) seeking an enrollment broker/vendor to provide enrollment services, choice counseling, and beneficiary support services for older Pennsylvanians and adults with physical disabilities who need long-term services and supports (LTSS) through the Office of Long-Term Living (OLTL).

This enrollment broker will assist and serve individuals who need access to LTSS, including the Community HealthChoices (CHC) program, the Living Independence for the Elderly (LIFE) program, and other home and community-based long-term care programs, such as the OBRA Waiver and Act 150 program. Enrollment brokers assist enrollees with navigating the enrollment process and understand their rights as a health care consumer, their options for a managed care organization (MCO) and care providers, and their ability to make their own choices about their health care and LTSS.

The RFA will be active until October 2, 2020. Interested applicants are encouraged to review the RFA and submit an application.